Editorial Process

At Wisebird, the editorial team is dedicated to providing accurate, inclusive, and evidence-based content that helps older adults and the people who love them. We believe that accurate and reliable information is essential for helping people make informed decisions about their health and well-being.

To ensure the accuracy of our content, we follow a rigorous writing and fact-checking process. We strive to be thorough and prompt in correcting any errors that may occur.

Editorial independence is a core value at Wisebird. Our advice, recommendations, and product assessments are not influenced by any external or internal business partners or academic partners. When we link to a product or service on our site and you decide to purchase it, Wisebird may earn a small commission. However, this does not impact the integrity of our reviews. We only include products and services that we believe are of the highest quality for older adults.

Our medical content is provided by board-certified, highly-trained, and skilled physicians and researchers. We do not accept guest contributions from professionals who are not in our network. While we strive to provide reliable and useful information, we always recommend seeking counsel from your individual medical team to determine if something is right for you.